Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on March 15, 2014

vmVeronica Mars is the kickstarted movie continuation of the series. I’d assumed that it would be a relatively standalone thing that wouldn’t require one to have seen the series, but… I guess it technically didn’t require you to know the show, since they give you some recap of previous events, but a whole lot of the movie was either catching you up on what the main characters have been doing since the show ended, or trotting out a ton of familiar characters. And their appearances are largely “hey look, it’s that person you remember!” I can only assume that would suck ass for anyone who didn’t know them, but it worked pretty well for me.

I was a little disappointed in the central mystery, if only because it relied on an unthinkable level of incompetence on behalf of the police and medical examiner, at least based on what every other murder mystery type show/movie would have me believe about modern forensics. I guess that’s the problem with a movie as opposed to a season of TV. If the case of the week doesn’t wow you, no big deal. But if the case of the movie isn’t great? That sucks. Still, I was a total sucker for the return of all these characters and stuff, so I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Speaking of being a sucker, I saw the special advance screening thing which cost extra and required going to Phipps to see it. Pretty sure I hadn’t been there in about 15 years. It’s changed quite a bit*, opposite the theater is some giant lego thing where the Philly Connection and Johnny Rockets used to be, they redid the theater lobby entirely, and they now have big cushioned seats with motorized reclining function. Which in theory I would have found nice, but my legs are too long for the foot rest part to work too well (it barely reached past my knees, so most of my lower legs dangled off the edge which isn’t super comfortable) and there’s something about lying back that far around strangers that I find unnerving.

* – Though some things never change, by the theater there is still just one escalator going from the second to third floor. Much like sitting in a regular theater chair, walking 100 feet out of your way seems like a thing for poor people, not for the upscale clientele to which Phipps caters.


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