Pointless Nonsense

Posted in browser game by Bill on March 14, 2014

minimetroMini Metro is a nicely designed game where you build a subway system for a growing city. It’s in alpha so it may be constantly changing (it changed sometime on Wednesday, you used to have a limited number of tunnels, now they just slow you down). Keep the stations from overcrowding to stay alive, get an upgrade every Monday.

The minimalist design is nice, but part of it threw me for a loop. I was building the rail system at first to be able to efficiently transfer riders from one end of the map to the other, but I later learned how it actually works. When a triangle passenger spawns, it can be delivered to any triangle space on the map. So moving people across the map isn’t that important until later in the game (when the baseball field shaped thing, the plus, the star, and the pentagon show up). Early on, if you can get a square, circle, and triangle on a line, it’ll never have to transfer passengers off.

698 is my best so far. A lot seems to depend on the luck of where the stations spawn.


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