Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on March 14, 2014

cosmosSome new shows, roughly best to worst:

  • Cosmos is an incredibly special effects-heavy look at the universe, which I’ll be watching because I am a nerd. But I actually kinda thing Neil deGrasse Tyson is sucking as the host. The best part about him is his enthusiasm for science, but here he’s talking slowly and calmly, which kind of makes me want to fall asleep. Amusingly, someone on reddit pointed out how much some of the shots made him look like the Illusive Man from Mass Effect.
  • Sirens is the third Denis Leary co-created show to be about emergency responder types, this one about EMTs, after The Job (cops) and Rescue Me (firefighters). I assume the coast guard is up next. Sirens is basically Rescue Me minus all the dramatic parts. It’s weird to be on USA, because the humor is relatively filthy. It’s decent enough, so I’ll keep watching.
  • Believe suffers from the leads being some boring guy and a little kid. Alfonso Cuaron directing, Delroy Lindo, Jamie Chung, Kyle MacLachlan, and Sienna Guillory in supporting parts and a story about supernatural powers, those all seem like things that would make me want to watch. But the two main characters being dull makes it really hard to care.
  • From Dusk Till Dawn is a new series on Robert Rodriguez’s EL Rey network. I’m not actually that big a fan of the movie, never saw the sequels, but gave the pilot a shot anyway. Don Johnson plays Earl McGraw, that guy that shows up in all sorts of Tarantino/Rodriguez movies, and Wilmer Valderrama plays some guy, everyone else is a no-name. It’s not very good. The only real highlight of the pilot is the actress who plays Salma Hayek’s part, who is appropriately hot. But barely in it.

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