Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on February 28, 2014

mindgamesMost of the mid-season new shows have been pretty weak. About a Boy‘s pilot is the movie condensed to 30 minutes, transported to America, and with a more annoying kid. Growing Up Fisher stars J.K. Simmons as a blind lawyer and the pilot didn’t include a single Daredevil joke (it’s not that bad, just a little bit too heart warming for my tastes, and the constant barrage of blind jokes reminded me too much of the Parkinson’s jokes in Michael J. Fox’s show). The only pilot I’ve actually liked so far is Mind Games which premiered this week on ABC.

Steve Zahn stars as a disgraced bipolar academic who’s an expert in the science of decision making. How we don’t make decisions rationally, but let all sorts of outside factors influence them. Christian Slater is his brother, a disgraced former finance guy of some sort, who decides he and his brother should start a sort of consulting firm where they use Zahn’s experience to teach people how to get their way.

It’s another premise that impresses me, like Lie to Me or Scandal, where it has a novel (not cops, lawyer, or doctors) method to crank out one shot stories. And it has a solid cast, a sense of humor, some seeds for long term plots, and a solid showrunner in Kyle Killen (the guy who did Lone Star and Awake).

Unfortunately, like Killen’s other two shows, it premiered to pretty lousy ratings. So it’ll probably be done in one season.


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