Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on January 9, 2014

chicagopdChicago PD is, I only just now realized, a spinoff of Chicago Fire, which I don’t watch. It focuses on a team of detectives who seem to be kind of a major crimes unit maybe, who seem to do a whole lot of undercover work, but you’d think that would make having at least one black person on the team. But instead it’s four white guys, two white girls, and a Hispanic guy who could pass for Italian. Bunny from The Wire is their captain or something, and they have an Asian guy doing their tech stuff, so they’ve got their token stuff taken care of. It looks like they recast the hell out of this, since at some point J.B. Smoove, Mykelti Williamson, Rousseau’s daughter from Lost, and some other generic white guy were supposed to be in this at some point. At least some of the recasts were a good idea, since the presence of Sophia Bush (who I have always thought was really hot, I even like her raspy voice, but I’ve only ever seen her in a few Nip/Tuck episodes) was one of the major reasons I even bothered to check this out. But nothing other than her hotness was particularly interesting about the pilot, so this is yet another one I won’t be following.


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