Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on December 22, 2013

scooby-mystery-incPoking around on Netflix for stuff to watch, I’m trying out Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated, having once ignored a suggestion to check it out. It’s a very different take on the concept. The gang has a home town (Crystal Cove) and parents, it looks like it will have other regular characters like a town Sheriff, the chase scenes aren’t generally played for laughs but rather go for action/scariness, the adults in the town actually like the ghosts (for tourism revenue), and it has a mystery about the town that spans multiple episodes. They also push the coupling of characters pretty hard, which is not really my thing.

Instead of being completely bland, Fred is turned into a guy obsessed with building traps to thwart fake ghosts and stuff. Daphne, also instead of being completely bland, comes from a rich family with a series of highly successful siblings, and her parents don’t approve of her mystery-solving hobby (also she’s totally into Fred, who is oblivious). Shaggy is exactly the same as always. Velma is into Shaggy (who is slightly less oblivious), but otherwise basically the same (and still 100% hot). Scooby’s role is actually somewhat reduced, since the gang actually gets characterization and stuff.

I’m breezing through episodes pretty quickly. They’re not the greatest thing ever, but pretty fun and don’t really require paying too much attention which is perfect for work viewing.


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