Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on December 6, 2013

mobcityMob City is TNT’s new crime drama starring Shane from The Walking Dead among others. I went in to it, honestly, wanting not to like it. I’m backed up on TV and comics, and I didn’t need really need a new show right now. Fortunately, I hated the first 10 minutes or so enough to not even bother finishing the 2 hour premiere. It’s possible if I was in a more receptive mind that I could have enjoyed it, but I doubt it.

It opens on three guys who are stopped by a criminal trying to secure an area where something important’s going down. The three guys are just musicians, and show the criminal their violins. He insists that they play something, and they do their little violin trio for a minute before a woman pushing a stroller comes by. Only the stroller is filled with machine guns and the blow away all the criminals and presumably steal their shit.

I’m guessing the writer was pretty proud of this, what with the violin misdirect. But I immediately thought what are the odds that three guys who can play a pretty solid violin would also be violent criminals and useful with a gun? Then the narration named two of them as Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel, two real-life criminals who as far as I can tell never played the violin. I think they could have gotten away with it if it was a Sin City type noir where things weren’t exactly realistic. But using real people and a generally realistic look to the show and basically everything about it seemed to be going for realism except the bullshit violin thing. It’s probably irrational for me to have hated this as much as I did, but… I did.

Then in the credits it happened to list Simon Pegg as a guest star, so then I was curious. But then he showed up a few minutes in with an American accent. It turns out Simon Pegg with an American accent is kind of creepy. I bailed right as Robert Knepper (T-bag from Prison Break) showed up, doing some kind of gravelly tough guy voice.


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