Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on November 18, 2013

ground-floorGround Floor is a new TBS sitcom that premiered with two episodes on Thursday (which I did not watch until Sunday). I was obviously not that excited going in. On the one hand, it’s co-created by Bill Lawrence (Scrubs, Cougar Town) and co-stars John C. McGinley (Scrubs, not Cougar Town). On the other hand, it has a laugh track, a boring generic white guy lead, and a lame sort of Romeo and Juliet concept (he likes this girl but he works on the top floor, and top floor people don’t associate with ground floor people). A pleasant surprise in the pilot was Alexis Knapp, who plays the love interest’s ground floor coworker and wears tight skirts and stuff (the love interest, Briga Heelan, is also cute but Alexis Knapp steals the show, as far as hotness goes).

Possibly if I wasn’t currently binge-playing Mass Effect games, I might keep up with the show. It had some jokes that worked (almost all the funny parts featured McGinley’s asshole boss character) and a bit of eye candy. But I’m struggling to keep up with the shows I do watch, so mediocre shows that I haven’t invested much time in are the first to go. I have also bailed on Dracula (I was originally going to keep going past the pilot because I generally have nothing better to do, but then video games), Masters of Sex (occasional toplessness doesn’t make up for the show being generally boring), The Michael J. Fox Show (the second episode was worse than the first, and the third was worse than the second), Back in the Game (I’ve kept up with it until now, but it’s been cancelled already and the quality has been dropping), and Covert Affairs (they seemed to push the reset button, which seemed like a good time to get out on a show I’d been losing interest in for a while). This has left me a schedule with lots of holes in it (Monday 9-10, Tuesday 9-10, Thursday 8:30-9, Sunday 8:30-9) and then tons of stuff on Wednesday. But there are only a couple weeks of November left, and then TV schedules will relax quite a bit once sweeps are over.


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