Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on October 29, 2013

draculaDracula places the legendary vampire in turn-of-the-century London and seems to cast him as an anti-hero, pitting him against an Illuminati-type organization that controls the world from the shadows and wronged him somehow in the past. Weirdly, despite casting Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who I only think of as “handsome British guy who seems like an asshole,” they have Dracula pose as an American industrialist, so he uses this fake accent all the time.

The show is kinda dumb. But it’s on Friday nights, I don’t watch anything else then (for a while, anyway), there are some attractive women in it (Huntress from Arrow is the main attraction), and there’s a sorta steampunk (or… is there a thing like electropunk? it’s like fantasy Tesla type stuff) thing going on, which I find more interesting than the plot or characters. So I might keep watching for a little bit because I have no life anyway.


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