Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on October 14, 2013

gravityGravity did not look that great from the trailers, but was actually a pretty damn good movie. Sandra Bullock stars as an astronaut in a catastrophe, George Clooney is basically the only other person in the movie, aside from Ed Harris’s voice. The space cinematography was really well done, I thought you got a great sense of both the beauty and the spookiness of being in space. And for a movie that seemed like it would be nothing happening for two hours, it was actually quite exciting.

My only complaints were a few science problems. I’d heard Neil DeGrasse Tyson pointed out a lot of them in a spoiler-filled twitter rant, so I was really keeping an eye out for them. Most of them I thought were no big deal, but one was legitimately dumb, and I think if they’d just put them in a situation where they were rotating quickly, the same scene with the same thematic relevance could have happened in a way that’s appropriate for zero-G physics.

That aside, I really did like the movie. I just realized I’ve seen and enjoyed several directed by Alfonso Curaon. I suspect if I ever watch Harry Potter, I’ll find Prisoner of Asdlfkjdwhatever the most agreeable.


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