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Posted in tv by Bill on October 11, 2013

tomorrow-peopleThe Tomorrow People is a new CW series (pilot here) based on a 70s British kid’s show, which itself appears to have been a big ripoff of the X-Men. Though this adaptation appears to have liked that movie Jumper too and mixed some of that in.

The premise is that somewhere in adolescence, some kids, known as “homo superior,” will develop special powers. And it freaks people out so there are groups trying to end this homo superior menace. So you can see the X-Men influence… everywhere. They all have the same power set, which they refer to as the three Ts: teleportation, telekineses, and telepathy. But where it gets at least somewhat interesting is that the Tomorrow People, as they are also known, are kind of dicks. Ultra, the shadowy group out to get them lead by Jacob from Lost, has a pretty good reason to be after them.

The POV character is a super generic white guy. Like, it’s groan-worthy how familiar his arc for most of the pilot is. Strange things are happening to him, he just wants to live a normal life, then a hot girl shows up and reveals to him that he’s super special and a part of something bigger. Which has something to do with the mysterious backstory about his father.

The current leader of the Tomorrow People is also a generic white guy. The first scene featured the POV guy, and then the second featured this guy, but at first I didn’t even notice it was a different person. They don’t even look alike at all, they’re just the same kind of actor, so I didn’t care enough to see the distinction.

Peyton List, pictured because she’s the reason I was willing to watch in the fist place, is hot as usual. She appears to be the leader’s girlfriend, and she has some sort of “special connection” with the POV guy. I can’t decide if she’s going to turn out to be his sister or they’re setting up a love triangle. Either of those would be pretty lame. But if they instead decided to do both, that would be pretty hilarious.

Anyway, the ending of the pilot actually has a pretty decent twist. I’m very iffy in this show, but I do like stories about superpowered people, and Peyton List, and a good plot twist. So I’m in for another episode.


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