Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on October 1, 2013

wearemenWe Are Men is a new CBS comedy about single men living in an apartment complex generally for divorced guys, starring some guy nobody recognizes as the generic main character. He is joined by Jerry O’Connell as a kinda douchey doctor, Kal Penn as the nice guy who just wants his kids back, and Tony Shalhoub as the older lecherous guy who likes the younger (and the Asian) ladies. Thematically, it’s the all-too-familiar “women ruin everything” sort of idea, and that these guys can have fun now that they’re not shackled to wives and girlfriends and the like. Which is really lame. But the cast, aside from the main guy, is pretty strong, there are lots of attractive women around, and Tony Shalhoub’s character is fairly funny. Decent enough to watch a couple more and see if it improves.


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