Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on September 27, 2013

thecrazyonesThe Crazy Ones is Robin Williams’ sitcom about an ad agency. The pilot is also an extended McDonald’s commercial. It was probably paid for almost entirely by the extended product placement-y stuff. Sarah Michelle Gellar plays his daughter, that guy from Lone Star who’s also been on a couple Mad Men‘s plays some other guy, and that guy who forced the Genoa story on this season of The Newsroom plays yet another guy. And Kelly Clarkson appears, presumably just in the pilot, as someone who reluctantly sings McDonald’s jingles.

I was basically soured on the show early on when they started pitching McDonald’s like crazy. Some of the subsequent jokes may have been funny, but there’s something about the way the product placement was handled that really put me in a non-laughing mood. Won’t be watching this one.


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