Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on September 27, 2013

michaeljfoxshowThe Michael J. Fox Show is Michael J. Fox’s comeback sitcom thing. He stretches his acting range by playing a celebrity who retires from the limelight due to his Parkinson’s, but then decides to return to his job. But weirdly, his character’s name is Mike Henry. Which is the name of the guy who voices Cleveland on Family Guy and The Cleveland Show. The two episode, hourlong premiere is filled with about a hundred jokes about how Parkinson’s makes him shake. I certainly appreciate the sense of humor about his condition, and also the sort of gallows humor aspect of it, but they get really tired really fast.

Fox is joined by Marie from Breaking Bad, Bunk from The Wire, that girl who on one Veronica Mars really wanted Logan and Veronica to get together, and Katie Finneran, which is cool because I’ve liked her since Wonderfalls and her brief stint on Frasier.

Liking the cast is about all that’s going to get me to try another episode, but if the third isn’t better I’m likely to drop it in a hurry.


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