Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on September 20, 2013

mosMasters of Sex is an upcoming Showtime show and they’ve put the pilot on Youtube. It is very very NSFW. I guess given the title, it shouldn’t be surprising, but there is a lot of sex in this. And the show all of it on youtube, which is surprising. In the past, they have blurred out the racy stuff and put some text on the screen along the lines of “you’d be looking at boobs right now if you paid for Showtime.” But not here.

Anyway, the actual show is pretty decent. It’s about a scientist and his assistant doing research into sex in the 1950s, an obviously controversial topic at the time. The scientist character (Michael Sheen) is weird in a way that I don’t find particularly interesting (and his wife calls him “daddy” in a way that I find extremely creepy). But the assistant (Lizzy Caplan) is pretty interesting. Though possibly anachronistic. Her beliefs are what I expect from a 21st century feminist, which seem beyond radical for the 50s. But I’m sure I can get past that soon enough, and the story seems pretty promising.


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