Pointless Nonsense

Posted in browser game by Bill on September 8, 2013

pre-civPre-Civilization: Stone Age is sort of a very simplified version of Civilization. The only object is to build a palace before turn 100. You try to get food to feed/grow your population, production to build buildings, advance through a tech tree, and try to fend off occasional barbarian attacks. It’s pretty fun but very challenging.

Even on easy, I imagine it would be rough the first time out. There’s a delicate balancing act with population allocation, branches on the tech tree that aren’t all that helpful, and buildings that you definitely should not build. And on hard, there are game conditions that I’m pretty sure render the game impossible. If you get an “ice age” early on, I don’t think you can beat it on hard. That cuts food production by 20%, and means you’ll be using almost your entire population on food and defense just to keep growing. Which is kinda bullshit, playing on hard requires frequent restarts because of things you can’t control.


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