Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on September 8, 2013

atouchofclothA Touch of Cloth is a British spoof series along the lines of Police Squad, but instead of doing a version of Dragnet, it is along the lines of every 21st century dramatic cop show. Grisly murders, sexual tension between partners, a sassy coroner, parkour chase scenes, etc. The title is both a reference to the series A Touch of Frost about a detective named Jack Frost (here, it’s Jack Cloth) and to a British expression “to touch cloth” which means about to shit your pants. Which is pretty clever, I guess, though I had to have it explained to me. Some of the jokes fall flat, and it can be pretty damn weird, but it is a good spoof. They nail the tone of the shows they imitate, and the jokes come fast enough that even though some miss, there are plenty of solid laughs.

The cast is really good, too. That one guy from The Mummy plays the lead really well, Mac from Green Wing plays the boss, named Boss, Stannis Baratheon plays a villain in season two, and Karen Gillan is set to be in season three (no idea when that will be, but each season so far has been two hour-long episodes, and they had a trailer already for season three at the end of season two).


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