Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on August 27, 2013

superSuper is that movie where Rainn Wilson becomes a real life superhero and Ellen Page is his sidekick. I thought it would just be like Kick-Ass only hopefully less racist. But it was actually fairly disturbing. Instead of playing the violence for laughs or for some sort of nihilistic fun, it’s uncomfortably real. Ellen Page’s character is a comic book shop employee who becomes infatuated with an older loser, so you’d think, as an older loser who visits comic shops, that I’d find her character particularly appealing. And for a while, I did, but once she becomes his sidekick its like… hang on a minute, she’s a total psychopath. But not like in a hot way, like Alice from Luther. In a “holy shit what is wrong with her?” sort of way. I think maybe I’m just too immersed in superhero stuff, having already seen it deconstructed and reconstructed a dozen times over, to the point that the approach this movie takes lacks any novelty whatsoever.

And the fact that this is written/directed by the guy doing Guardians of the Galaxy has increased my belief that it will be the first Marvel movie to outright suck.


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