Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on August 16, 2013

While on vacation, I caught up on a bunch of movies I missed in the theaters, as I tend to do. Roughly best to worst:

Seven Psychopaths had a very misleading trailer. It billed itself as a movie about a bunch of crazy people that looked mildly amusing, when it’s actually a self-aware action movie about action movies. It’s funny, smart, and has great performances from Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken (a little more subtlety than usual, he’s not quite as weird as he normally is). 7psychopaths
The Intouchables is a French movie about a poor black guy interviewing for a caretaker job just to he can say he applied for stuff in order to get the French equivalent of welfare, but the wealthy quadriplegic decides to hire him anyway and they both learn things about life and blah blah. It’s predictable and sappy but Omar Sy who plays the caretaker guy is great. And apparently he’s Bishop in the next X-Men movie, so the true test of his likability will be whether he can get me to not hate Bishop. intouchables
Oblivion, that Tom Cruise movie about being the last man on Earth until Morgan Freeman shows up (which was like halfway through the movie, and really shouldn’t have been spoiled in the trailers) has great production design and stuff (although the ship he flies around in makes no sense, it shouldn’t need a tail rotor), but the plot is really dull. And Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise. oblivion
The Bourne Legacy just shouldn’t have been made. It’s not a particularly bad movie or anything, but it’s like making Transformers 4: No Robots, Just Shia LaBeouf. You follow this guy’s story for three movies, and then they make a fourth movie basically completely unrelated (but for some reason takes place concurrently with the third one?). It was just a bad idea, I think. bourne-legacy
Killing Them Softly is one of James Gandolfini’s last movies. Brad Pitt plays a hit man who is supposed to kill some people who robbed a mobbed up poker game. The whole thing movies really slowly, nothing is particularly interesting about what’s happening, and it’s framed by Obama speeches at the beginning and end to make a lame political point. I didn’t like this movie even a little. killingthemsoftly

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