Pointless Nonsense

Posted in comics by Bill on July 30, 2013

New and older comics, roughly best-to-worst:

Wonder Woman: Hiketeia is a graphic novel from a few years back by Greg Rucka and J.G. Jones and it was a pretty simple story about someone who’d run afoul of Batman requesting a sort of asylum type thing that Wonder Woman was bound by tradition to accept. ww-hik
Red Sonja is a new series featuring the classic character written by Gail Simone. Red Sonja’s not a character I’ve ever really liked (I’ve never even seen that movie from the 80s), but I am a fan of Simone’s writing. It’s an interesting take on a character, I can’t imagine it’s easy to reconcile a strong/violent woman with a chainmail bikini, but they seem to have come up with an approach that works. Or at least, the first issue was quite entertaining. redsonja-1
Day Men is a new series about a human who works for a powerful vampire family, acting as their agent during the day. I thought it was a semi-novel approach to vampire stories, and a stylish looking cover so I checked it out and I was pleasantly surprised by an entertaining first issue. day-men-1
The various Top Ten sequels and spinoffs (Smax, The Forty-Niners, Season Two, Beyond the Farthest Precinct) are a mixed bag. Smax may have been the most enjoyable, but it was also the most objectionable. Alan Moore gives the title character a horrific backstory full of rape and incest for no good reason. The Forty-Niners had really nice art, with Gene Ha still doing the pencils but seemingly going for a vaguely Alex Ross-ish style that evoked the 1949 sort of aesthetic, and it told a generally nice story of newcomers to Neopolis. But it lacked the sense of humor and the reference-heaviness of the original series. Beyond the Farthest Precinct is definitely the weakest of the bunch, it involves neither Moore nor Ha. And Season Two, drawn by Ha but not written by Moore, feels incomplete. My understanding is that Gene Ha wants to do more, but DC doesn’t want to let him. Oh well. 49ers

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