Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on July 28, 2013

wolverineThe Wolverine is a big step up from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but while it was okayish, it was pretty disappointing to me. I think Wolverine should be one of the easiest comic book characters to adapt for movies, but despite a perfect actor for the part, they can’t seem to get it right. All we really got here was one good action scene and one badass side character. Spoilers to follow, in the form of a list of gripes:

  • The focus on Jean Grey kinda bugged me. The movie was very interested in the idea that Logan’s immortality would mean all the people he loved would die. Which is a perfectly good thing to be about. But surely in the decades of his life he’s lost more than just Jean. Yeah they wouldn’t resonate with the audience as much, but his obsession with a woman who he just had a crush on but she was with someone else for as long as he knew her, that’s not some sort of epic love story thing, that’s creepy.
  • Yukio was great. But giving her the “see people’s deaths” power means fake-out deaths should be off the table for the movie. But then having a fake-out death of someone she was very close to is bullshit.
  • Harada kills a bunch of people and leads an assault on Logan believing that while Viper is an evil woman, it is for the best of the Yashida clan. Then Mariko stabs him and he just says “this is madness” (or something) and starts fighting against Viper. Unless I missed something, this was a completely nonsensical turn.
  • And, a much less important gripe, Logan and Yukio find a note on the ground left for them. Which they can read with no problems whatsoever. But when Logan asks where the building on the note is, Yukio grabs a scalpel to pin it to the wall. And she chooses to pin it to the like thousand year old painting of the Yashida clan, probably damaging it terribly. Who does that?

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