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Posted in tv by Bill on July 25, 2013

lotsThe Legend of the Seeker was a 2008 series from the people that brought us Hercules and Xena, with a lot of similarities to those series. It tells a somewhat generic story of a magical land where there’s a prophecy about someone called The Seeker who’s going to take down some super evil guy. And the handsome boring white guy who had no idea he was this guy until some old guy revealed the truth to him about his destiny. But there’s a hot girl (Bridget Regan*) along for the ride, and is sometimes pretty amusing, which is enough to keep me going so far.

The Hercules/Xena comparisons are obvious, because it’s filmed in New Zealand, features a random assortment of American, British, and Kiwi accents, has people running around with swords and magic yet has a pretty light feel (just about every episode ends on a happy, “we’re all friends on an adventure!” type note, and there’s not a lot of blood despite all the swords), the women almost universally show a tasteful amount of cleavage, and it has a generally mediocre talent level both in front of and behind the camera. In the pilot, the strongest actor was a guy who I assumed would be the tough guy along on the adventure, but they just said goodbye to him and he’s shown up like twice since.

It’s in HD and CGI is much improved since the 90s, but the cast is very hit-or-miss, so is the writing, and they constantly put things in slow motion to look cool. Which is overused to the point that it’s the opposite of cool, except for when it makes Bridget Regan’s hair look nice, which may be the best part of the show.

The titular seeker is easily the weakest part of the show. I’m pretty sure the actor was cast based on his appearance while shirtless because he’s kind of devoid of charisma, and the character is a really bland basic hero archetype.

I’m approaching the end of season 1, and torn as to whether I’m going to continue on. The first season is on hulu, the second is only on hulu plus. I can do a free trial but I’m not sure if I like the show enough to bother. I’m told there is another regular character yet to be introduced.

* – Who I always thought was Irish, because she looks super Irish, but she’s actually American (though presumably Irish-American).


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  1. Geebs said, on July 26, 2013 at 9:00 am

    Yeah, I don’t know if its worth it to waste the hulu plus trial just on that. Like if there were other things you were thinking of trying in addition, maybe. But if you have some other way to see the 2nd season, why not finish it off.

    But yeah, the new regular character in the 2nd season is one of my favs. I think she’s hot. Well, she’s striking, so you might not be a fan.

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