Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on July 12, 2013

farscapeI really tried to like Farscape, the early 2000s show on the (then) SciFi channel, but halfway through the third season I “watched” an episode but paid so little attention I have no idea what happened, and feel no urge to go back and re-watch it. So I think I’m done. Parts the show really appealed to me, like the fact that the characters were desperate and mostly not particularly nice and they would do some morally questionable stuff. Or the fact that almost everyone had Australian accents. But the music is lousy, they never manage to come up with a larger story arc that’s compelling at all, only one actor (Claudia Black) is any good, and only rarely are the single episode stories notably good. I was not loving it but doing ok with the original cast of characters, but it really fell apart for me with some cast changes in the third season. High-pitched-screaming-redhead and crazy-half-mask guy are both really irritating, and I cared less and less with each passing episode.


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