Pointless Nonsense

Posted in comics by Bill on July 10, 2013

Comics, new and old, roughly best to worst:

Lazarus is a new creator-owned series by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark that takes place in the near-ish future where governments have disappeared, their power long since eclipsed by corporations, and now elite wealthy families each have areas they control and fight over. The title, Lazarus, refers to a member of each family that gets all sorts of biotech upgrades, including the ability to basically be killed but still come back to life. The main character is one such Lazarus, who against her training, starts to not like killing for her family. Which is a little bit generic, I guess, but the setting is quite cool and it’s very, very violent, and I like that sort of thing. lazarus
Batman/Superman is DC’s answer to the question “aren’t there enough boos about Batman already?” (Batman, Detective Comics, Batman and Robin, The Dark Knight, Batman Inc, and Legends of the Dark Knight… plus there’s Batgirl, Batwoman, three books featuring former Robins, Worlds’ Finest about Huntress who this time is Earth 2 Batman’s daughter, and two more series set in Gotham). The main draw here is Jae Lee, who has his detractors but I think his art is fantastic. Greg Pak is writing, and I haven’t read very much of his stuff but his reputation is pretty decent. The first issue was solid, and featured about 2 pages of the best Catwoman of the New 52, so I’m more or less sold on this as a series. batsup
Patsy Walker: Hellcat features the title character with one of the weirder histories in comics. Originally the star of multiple teen romance comics in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, before being inexplicably introduced into Marvel’s superhero universe in the 70s and later acquiring superpowers. This miniseries from a few years back combines both facets of the character, going for a manic comedic tone while doing all sorts of superhero action. It was really a quite enjoyable read. pwhellcat
Avengers A.I. spins out of the Age of Ultron event, where Hank Pym’s Ultron-defeating virus has itself gained some measure of sentience and Pym and several AI characters have to team up to stop it, under the leadership of new-to-616 Monica Chang (who in the Ultimates is the 2nd Black Widow and current head of S.H.I.E.L.D.). Vision, Ultron’s son from Runaways, and a Doombot are on the team. It’s an interesting team and concept, but I’m not sure it’s a concept that can carry a series. avengersai
Madrox was the miniseries that introduced the idea of X-Factor Investigations, leads right in to the recent-ish long running X-Factor series, and tells the story of Jamie “Multiple Man” Madrox doing the first of his detective work. It’s actually pretty decent, but I discovered while reading it that I find Madrox’s powers quite unsettling. He makes duplicates and sends them off to learn a new skill or something, to then re-absorb them to acquire the skill. But the absorption process is weird and for some reason everything about the whole process just gets me thinking how creepy it would be if this was a real thing. And that general sense of discomfort just made me not want to try the ensuing X-Factor series at all. madrox
Amalgam Comics was a crossover-ish thing between DC and Marvel where their top characters were merged together and had a number of one-shots telling stories based around these concepts: The Dark Claw (Batman/Wolverine), Amazon (Storm/Wonder Woman), etc. The stories were mostly pretty lame, only a few of them made me think I’d want to read more about them. But it was still interesting to see what they’d done, like the character combos they picked and the design choices and whatnot. amalgam

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