Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on June 7, 2013

gracelandGraceland is USA’s new series about a beach house full of various federal agencies’ agents. I wondered going in what is the purpose of having all these undercover feds in out house, and unless I zoned out for part of the show, no one bothered to ask that question. They’re just some vague open-ended undercover operation run jointly by the FBI, DEA, and ICE because why not, I guess.

The pilot opens with a “this is based on a true story” bit of scrolling explanation text, ending with “a house unofficially known as….” with a giant wait for slow readers to get to the ellipses followed by the title logo. This felt extremely 1980s to me. And then they ended up with kind of a Point Break vibe to the pilot. Not what I was expecting.

The cast is actually pretty good (though I understand my favorite of the bunch will be replaced in the second episode), with that Puerto Rican guy from Rescue Me and the long time DA from Law & Order: CI and apparently soon the girl from Breakout Kings who looks like Lindsey Lohan’s hotter sister (but that still doesn’t make her exceptionally TV-hot). But overall I didn’t really like the pilot very much. Not that it was bad, I was just unimpressed. Which is the 2nd straight USA pilot I haven’t liked, which bodes poorly for a network that had a really long track record of getting me to watch their original series.


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