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Posted in comics, movies, top10, tv by Bill on June 3, 2013

Once again, a top 10 everything at the end of the TV season (having picked June 1st as my arbitrary cutoff date).

Half hour TV


  1. Parks and Recreation is consistently funnier than anything out there.
  2. Arrested Development produced the most complicated season of a TV comedy I’ve ever seen, and I enjoyed it quite a lot.
  3. Archer was not quite as good as seasons past, but its fourth season was still excellent.
  4. Louie is still good, but the most recent season wasn’t all that funny. The trip to Miami and the three episodes about The Late Show were interesting stories, but almost no laughs.
  5. The Thick of It went out in top form, and Malcolm Tucker probably goes down as one of the better characters in the history of television.
  6. Legit is too offensive to be sappy but still manages to handle difficult topics in an interesting and thoughtful way. And it is still very funny.
  7. Wilfred‘s second season was so long ago I had to look it up to remember what happened in what season, but from what I remember it was pretty good.
  8. The League is just stupid fun. I care nothing for the characters or plot, but the show makes me laugh.
  9. Peep Show had a good 8th season, just not as good as the first 7.
  10. Modern Family is just a generally well-made sitcom.

Almost made the cut: Don’t Trust the B…, 30 Rock, Cougar Town, It’s Always Sunny….

Notably absent: Community (this season was not very good), Venture Bros. (for the 2nd straight year, they only managed 1 episode, but the 5th season begins just after my 6/1 cutoff for this list), or anything on Showtime (Californication is absurd, House of Lies is ok, and Episodes isn’t very interesting except for Matt LeBlanc)

Hourlong TV:


  1. Breaking Bad, duh. My only complaint is that I’m still waiting for the latter half of season 5.
  2. Game of Thrones, or “dragons and titties.” Technically, this includes the season 2 finale and the first 8 episodes of season 3, but I continue to enjoy this series a lot.
  3. Justified just seems to get better and better every year.
  4. The Newsroom is a show I kind of want to hate, because so much of it is bullshit. But it is bullshit for which I am a sucker. And Aaron Sorkin writes possibly the snappiest dialogue around.
  5. Suits is actually a pretty stupid concept for a show, since our non-law-talkin-guy hero could do 99% of what he does now as a paralegal, and it would be legally and ethically just fine. But putting that aside, the show is damn entertaining. And also every episode, Donna the redheaded secretary seems to get hotter.
  6. Shameless was really, impressively good this season. The show gives you so much over-the-top insanity that you forget it’s sometimes a drama, and they completely blindsided me with an absolutely heartbreaking season finale. Emotional kick in the balls. I’m really looking forward to the next season.
  7. The Americans had a really exciting pilot and then the actual show turned out to be quite different. Very little action, mostly taking place in suburbia, but the show’s take on cold war spy games was really fascinating. And Keri Russell is still a good looking lady.
  8. Lost Girl is a show where I hate how much I like it. At first I just watched it because the lead actress was hot, but then the hotness of her sidekick grew on me, and now I actually give a crap about the show. It’s kinda dumb but I can’t help it.
  9. House of Cards was quite good. And Kate Mara is hot. And I will totally watch a second season. But I’m also not super excited about it. I don’t know why.
  10. Psych was a little bogged down by some relationship drama for a bit, and I think it may be close to time for this show to end, but I enjoyed the newest season (which was a full 10 months after the previous season ended on a cliffhanger).

Almost made the cut: Homeland (pretty good, but a letdown after season one), White Collar (I can’t think of a complaint or a compliment), Person of Interest (a huge improvement over season 1), The Walking Dead (big improvement over season 2)

Notably absent: Misfits (I still watch it, but meh)



  1. Saga is funny and vulgar and exciting and basically everything I want in a comic.
  2. Hawkeye is basically everything I want in a superhero comic. It’s slickly designed, has tons of action, and even though he’s a character I never cared about, it makes Hawkguy pretty interesting. And also Kate Biship is badass.
  3. Locke and Key would be higher on this list if the wait between issues wasn’t so excruciating. It’s slower to come out than most comics by quite a bit (4 issues of the 7-part finale have come out since November), and each issue leaves me desperate to read the next.
  4. Daredevil is really well made and deserves all the awards it’s been getting. I’m late to the Mark Waid bandwagon but as I check out more of his earlier works he’s quickly becoming one of my favorite writers.
  5. Witch Doctor: Mal Practice is the second Witch Doctor mini and it’s just as good as the first. That a mix of Lovecraftian horror and comedy works so well is impressive.
  6. Manhattan Projects is losing a little bit of momentum but I still enjoy it quite a bit.
  7. The Legend of Luther Strode, the second Luther Strode mini, is still underway, but it remains the bloodiest comic out there, and it’s damn entertaining too.
  8. Indestructible Hulk is the first concept for a Hulk book that I’ve been interested in: Banner gives up on stopping the Hulk, and gets S.H.I.E.L.D. to give him a lab and a staff to do whatever he wants, in exchange for S.H.I.E.L.D. getting to drop him like a bomb on places they need wrecked. And it, like Daredevil, is written by Mark Waid.
  9. Atomic Robo and the Flying She-Devils of the Pacific was not my favorite Atomic Robo miniseries, but it’s still a good one.
  10. Wonder Woman has been pretty good from the start, but even better with the introduction of Orion.

Just missed the cut: Grim Leaper (a surprisingly good romance/death comic), Batman (lots of people loved Death of the Family, I thought it was only ok), Captain Marvel (very hit or miss), Stumptown, Daredevil: End of Days (might be great, but a lot is riding on the “Mapone” reveal), Private Eye (only 2 issues so far), Five Weapons (goofy but fun), Avengers and New Avengers (both good, but both still early enough that I haven’t decided how good), Fatale (consistently good, rarely great), Nowhere Men (mostly because it’s a wonderfully designed book)

Notably absent: Blackacre (the first issue really impressed me, since then not so much), Fables (it’s maybe better than that toyland arc, but still not that great), Nonplayer, Secret, and S.H.I.E.L.D. (those last three have had major delays… Nonplayer #1 came out in early 2011 and we still don’t have a #2, but it was so good I’m still holding out hope).



  1. Django Unchained is a funny and exciting and action-paked movie. I just wish QT’s pointlessly bad Australian accent wasn’t in it.
  2. Iron Man 3 is really damn good. Rumor is Robert Downey Jr. is asking for $100 million for a 2 picture deal to play Tony Stark some more, and crazy as it sounds, he’s worth it.
  3. Brave just makes me wonder what Pixar knows that everyone else who makes family-friendly movies doesn’t.
  4. The Dark Knight Rises is flawed in a lot of ways, but it’s still a grand and exciting conclusion to Nolan’s Batman. And Catwoman was badass. Why is that so hard for comics people to do?
  5. Dredd really surprised me. It sounded like the possibilities for a sequel were dead, but during Star Trek promotion, Karl Urban made it sound like there was still some chance. Here’s hoping.
  6. Argo was very good, but still puzzling how the Oscars decided it was the best of the year.
  7. Skyfall is a beautifully filmed movie. The action and plot and things don’t stick in my mind as much as the cinematography.
  8. Looper has done the reverse of Django, I think my initial reaction was so positive because original science fiction stories are all too rare in movies. I still like it, but the plot is extremely contrived. So many people have to be irrational idiots for things to be the way they are.
  9. This is 40 is not only a funny movie, it understands my deep and personal relationship with Lost
  10. The Amazing Spider-Man may only be in this space because of Emma Stone. I don’t think Andrew Garfield had the pre-spider-bite Peter Parker right in the slightest. He’s an awkward nerd in this sense of the term. I may have wanted to punch Tobey Maguire in the face, but at least I found it believable that his Peter Parker couldn’t get laid.

Just missed the cut: Butter (Olivia Wilde makes out with Ashley Greene in this movie, it is by default good), Ted

Notably absent: The Hobbit (it wasn’t bad, and the HFR 3D thing may have been more to blame than the movie itself, but I don’t remember this movie particularly fondly), Star Trek (also not bad, but using Benedict Cumberbatch as you-know-who and then having him be a pretty bland villain is very disappointing), and all the things from the past year I still haven’t seen.


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