Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on May 24, 2013

captured-ghostsWarren Ellis: Captured Ghosts is a documentary on Warren Ellis, obviously, from 2011. It’s ok and all, but I find myself wondering who it’s for. It doesn’t offer a ton of insight into the man, he’s always somewhat secretive about his past. It mostly features comics professionals, futurists, a few actual celebrities (Patton Oswalt, Helen Mirren, that blonde girl from Heroes and FNL), and a porn star talking about how great his comics are and how great his first novel (Crooked Little Vein, one of the few remaining Ellis works I still haven’t read) is and how great his message board was. Having already read every one of the comics they discussed, I didn’t get much out of hearing Kelly Sue DeConnick tell me how great Planetary was, or Stoya saying how great Transmet was, or whatever. But I’m not sure it would be of any more interest if I hadn’t read them before.

There was one excellent moment, when he was discussing his then 14 year old daughter, where he was complaining how she would pick up one of his books and be like “is there gross stuff in this?” and he would say yes, and she would throw it down and “storm off to watch an episode Law & Order: Comedy Rape Cavalade where someone is sodomized with a violin bow, and I’m the sick one?” Which I thought was quite funny. But basically, I just saved you $2.99.


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