Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on May 13, 2013

im3I meant to have written something about Iron Man 3 a while ago. Whoops. It’s very good. Probably on par with the first Iron Man, and certainly better than the second (which upon recent rewatching was better than I remember it being). I find myself a little more plugged into the fan response this time than previous Marvel movies, and it mostly just reminds me that people are idiots and it’s amazing humanity has made it this far without self-destructing. Mostly people upset that they didn’t get the comics version of a horribly racist Mandarin (who is like Fu Manchu or Ming the Merciless or those those anti-Japanese propaganda Looney Tunes), but also people who really have it out for Pepper Potts for some reason. There was a really good spoiler-filled video that explained better than I could the excellent job the movie did subverting the racist origins of the Mandarin, but I can’t remember where I found it, and I’ve failed at googling for it. My only real complaint with the movie was that Maya Hansen got kind of shorted. But that’s pretty minor.


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