Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on May 1, 2013

maronMarc Maron has a new show on IFC, which they were nice enough to post the first episode of on youtube. It’s called Maron, and clearly intending to capitalize on his (marginal) podcast fame and also mirror the success of Louie by having a comedian as himself with a stripped down budget and mix in some moments of drama.

It’s not bad at all. But for some reason I can’t see myself making a point to watch it. I like Marc Maron’s stand-up, and if I could ever get into any kind of podcast listening habit, his would probably be the first one I’d go to. Part of the problem might be that it’s on IFC, so I feel like I’ll forget when it’s on (since I don’t watch anything else on IFC), and it won’t be a big enough deal for any of the “remind me when my favorite TV shows are on” sites to remind me that it’s on. If it was unusually brilliant, I’d put that aside and find a way to watch every episode. But it’s only ok, so… I watch enough ok TV already, I don’t need shows that will be any trouble to follow.


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