Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on April 20, 2013

Amazon has a bunch of pilots up for proposed series to watch and provide feedback on. I checked out three that I’d heard stuff about:

Zombieland is an attempt at a continuation of the movie, with a lesser cast and lower budget. I was fine with three of the cast changes, I mean they’re not as good, but the Zuckerberg guy is fine as is the little girl, and Wichita is sufficiently cute, but Tallahassee, that guy bothered me. Woody Harrelson seemed to give the character something more than just being an idiot, but in this guy’s hands, he is really just an idiot. It’s not a bad pilot, it’s just really uninteresting compared to the movie. zombieland
Onion News Empire is kind of a Newsroom parody, and it’s excellent. The oldest brother from Malcolm in the Middle plays a cub reporter, Jeffrey Tambor the veteran anchor, the Canadian guy from 30 Rock the handsome but dumb younger anchor, William Sadler the producer guy, and this familiar lady as network president Helena Zweibel. It’s just littered with Onion-style headline jokes and any seemingly serious moment is immediately shit on by a ridiculous joke. I can only assume it won’t be popular, because of the lack of any earnestness and all that, but I thought it was great. onion-news-empire
Alpha House seemed the most promising. John Goodman in a show written by the Doonesbury guy about a house full of Senators/roommates. But while I liked the cast and the idea, the actual execution was disappointing. It was supposed to be a comedy, but it seemed devoid of anything particularly funny. alpha-house

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