Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on April 15, 2013

davincisdemonsDa Vinci’s Demons is a new Starz series written by David S. Goyer, whose career includes both quality stuff like the Nolan Batman movies and less quality stuff like Kickboxer 2 and the David Hasselhoff Nick Fury movie, and it seems like this falls more in with the second group. It’s about Leonardo da Vinci, with a mix of the supernatural and a whole secret society/de Mecici/conspiracy kinda thing. Which in theory I guess could be good, but almost nothing about the pilot seemed particularly interesting to me.

The guy playing Leonardo was fine, and Dr. Bashir plays some guy and he’s pretty good, and Laura Haddock is really attractive (see here, and there’s some NSFW stuff that can probably be found with a little googling), but the rest of the cast is mostly filled with older British guys. And there’s like a million older British guys who are really good actors, but apparently they were all busy, so they picked from the pile of charisma-free leftovers.


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