Pointless Nonsense

Posted in comics by Bill on April 9, 2013

Comics, new and old, roughly best-to-worst:

East of West is a new Jonathan Hickman comic for Image, which looks to be a sprawling alternate history/religious fantasy epic. Since most of my favorite Hickman stuff (Pax Romana, Manhattan Projects) has been similarly big idea-ed, I’m definitely on board. east-of-west-1-cvr
Strange: The Doctor is Out was a short miniseries from a few years back when Doctor Strange was stripped of the Sorcerer Supreme title, and is mostly about him accidentally picking up a sidekick. It’s quite well done, clever, and fun. The art by Emma Rios is pretty good too (although I do not like the covers one bit). strange
Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment is a short OGN from 1989 with pencils by Mike Mignola. It tells the story of a contest to determine the sorcerer supreme, Strange’s victory, and his obligation to provide the second place finisher, Doom, with “a boon,” and Doom chooses to have them team up and go to hell to rescue his mother’s soul from Mephisto. It’s from the 80s, so it’s a bit goofy, but well-plotted, and while Mignola’s art isn’t up to its later Hellboy standard, it’s still nicely dark and moody. My only real problem was that I’d read The Books of Doom pretty recently, and both books covered a lot of the same territory as far as Doom’s backstory. strange-doom
Uber (with an umlaut but I’m too lazy to make one) is a new series about Nazis experimenting with superpowers. It’s well-worn territory, but it’s written by Kieron Gillen, so that has a lot of people excited about it. The first issue is ok, it’s very war-nerd-y though. Lots of stuff about troop movements and things that WWII nerds probably eat up. You can tell he did lots of research, but I found those parts pretty boring. It’s also an Avatar Press publication, and their whole thing is no content restrictions (see also Crossed, Absolution), so it’s very, very gory. uber
Iron Man: Season One is an OGN in a series of Marvel intros to characters, and most have been pretty ok, but this one was terrible. It tells basically the same old Iron Man origin, but pushes the alcoholic thing hard. So much so that Tony Stark is completely unlikable, start-to-finish. I get that alcoholics are not supposed to be wholesome, wonderful people when they’re drinking, but if you’re writing something, especially a superhero story, you probably want me to like him on some way. Even if he’s an asshole, make him a funny asshole, or an asshole who’s fighting the good fight or whatever. But this was so focused on making Tony Stark an angsty alcoholic, it forgot to make him a charming billionaire philanthropist or whatever. ims1

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