Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on March 24, 2013

vmTaking a break after season one of Doctor Who due to wackiness overload, I wanted to re-watch Veronica Mars, after getting all excited due to the kickstarter movie thing. Strangely, it’s not on Netflix or Hulu, but it is on thewb.com. Which seemed fine for a minute, but thank goodness I know these early episodes pretty well, because their player is total shit. It cuts off the ends of episodes, it puts the commercial breaks in places that aren’t act breaks, and sometimes it randomly decides the episode is over 20 minutes in. I hate to complain about a free service for showing me TV, but it’s even worse than Comedy Central’s player, which I can barely tolerate.

People should still watch the crap out of the show though, for the following reasons:

  1. Kristen Bell is hot, has constantly changing but generally attractive hairstyles (like this thing that’s sorta like pigtails but they’re balled up instead), and sometimes puts on hot outfits for undercover purposes (google image search let me down coming up with nothing better than this for when she wore a schoolgirl outfit in the 4th episode).
  2. The first season has a number of genuinely compelling season-long mysteries. Later seasons’ mysteries aren’t quite up to the standard of the first, but they’re still very good.
  3. Don’t let the whole cute blonde in high school thing fool you. The show is dark and cynical as hell. A recurring question is whether every single person is a horrible, lying, piece of shit, or if only almost every person is a horrible, lying, piece of shit..
  4. They have an impressively large group of recurring characters. While lots of shows would just introduce someone to drive the case-of-the-week and they’d never be seen again, lots of the ones on this show come back later.
  5. Enrico Colatoni is completely fantastic as Keith Mars. Which is hard to believe, since I thought of him as some schlub from Just Shoot Me before this.
  6. The theme song is pretty catchy.
  7. They become reference happy eventually, dropping Big Lebowski and Battlestar lines all the time.
  8. Random guest stars like Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith, Charisma Carpenter (who is on for several episodes, and does not wear much clothing), Alyson Hannigan, Ken Marino, Adam Scott, Melissa Leo, one of the Ashmore twins (not Iceman, I think, but the other one), Jessica Chastain, Leighton Meester, Paula Marshall, Harry Hamlin, Harry Hamlin’s Frankenstein wife, and that’s all I can think of, but that’s not bad.
  9. It’s on itunes and amazon (though not the free-with-prime kind) and DVD and stuff, in addition to the worst streaming site ever.


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