Pointless Nonsense

Posted in comics by Bill on March 20, 2013

New-ish comics:

Private Eye is a new digital-only pay-what-you-want DRM-free comic from Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin. It’s a good model, I think, for top tier creators to use rather than Kickstarter. It’s planned for 10 issues, should it sell well enough for them to continue. With that in mind, I’m frontloading my payments, and I’ll probably pay nothing for the last few. Which might be slightly dickish, but much less dickish than paying nothing. Anyway, it’s a science fiction noir thing, which is easily my favorite mashing up of genres, and has a fairly interesting premise. private-eye
Five Weapons is a very manga-ish series about a high school that trains assassins. The new kid at school is the son of a famous assassin, and his first task is to pick a discipline (knives, guns, etc), which are basically the social cliques as well. It all sounds rather stupid, but I found the first issue to be pretty entertaining. 5weapons
Sex has a very sparse first issue in terms of actual plot, but it appears to be a vaguely Watchmen-esque look at superheroes and sexual hangups. I really find the coloring more interesting than anything else so far, but Joe Casey’s creator-owned work seems to usually go to pretty crazy places, so I’m expecting things to get weird. sex
Age of Ultron is an alternate future Marvel event, set in the future where Ultron has taken over at least New York (and possibly the whole world). The notable superheroes start the series utterly defeated, though presumably they will figure a way out of this, possibly one that involves time travel to restore the status quo and make it “count” because people care about that for no good reason. Anyway, it’s written by Bendis an drawn by Hitch, so it’s a well-crafted comic. Not spectacular, but perfectly fine. aou-1
Justice League of America drives me nuts because it has a lot of characters I like, but not all that well-written or drawn and some of their actions don’t make sense. The basic premise is that Amanda Waller (the new lame hot one, not the pre-New52 awesome one) wants her own Justice League to take down the JL if they become a problem (and to undermine them by being heroic and government sanctioned in the meantime). The biggest thing that bothers me is that they recruit Catwoman to take down Batman. First, she obviously can’t take down Batman, or doesn”t want to, or whatever, because she hasn’t. Second, they’re trying to build a government team to look all goody-goody, and they recruit a known thief. They do have to blackmail her to get her on the team, which semi-satisfied my initial complaint about her being there at all. Meh. Anyway, I’m a sucker and I’m going to keep up with this for a little bit, maybe after the first arc they’ll change writers or something. jla-1

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