Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on March 19, 2013

doctor-whoAfter House of Cards, I thought about trying out Stargate Universe, but that didn’t seem appealing at all, so I’m finally breaking down and watching Doctor Who. Starting with the somethingth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, in 2005, as suggested by both Netflix and a reddit thread, which is painful because that’s a long way from Karen Gillan.* Though I was determined to give it at least 3 episodes, I was also fully prepared to hate this show.

My first reaction was that the show is incredibly cheap looking. It’s certainly lower-budget than a lot of American sci-fi shows from the same time, but it’s also completely comfortable looking terrible. While another show might think “if we try to do this, it will look fake and corny, so let’s do something else,” Doctor Who says “fuck it, let’s do fake and corny.” The music also sounds like it was composed and performed on a $100 keyboard. And not like Jason Segel in Fogetting Sarah Marshall, where he plays synth-y noises. Much like the special effects tries and fails at something big, it’s a misguided attempt to sound like a full orchestral score.

And really, I found the first two episodes to be generally lousy. Cheap-looking weird stuff happens, the Doctor basically knows what’s going on but gleefully shouts gibberish and I think that’s supposed to be funny, and Rose** is all confused but goes along with it for no real reason other than “I get to ride in a time machine” (which in real life would actually be a fantastic reason, but in science fiction it seems rather boring).

But then the third episode was pretty ok, and the fourth was kinda clever, and suddenly I’m enjoying this shit. And I hate enjoying it because it’s so ridiculous. But it appears that I do.

* – Though, fortunately, quite a bit less than the 200+ of Stargate I suffered through to get to Jewel Staite.

** – And on the subject of Rose, I seem to remember Billie Piper looking kinda hot (but with a bitchy-looking face) on that hooker show, but here she looks very plain (but with a bitchy-looking face). And googling, she does eventually look like how I remember her. I imagine it’s some combination weight loss, hair and makeup magic, and surgery, but I’m curious how much of which.


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