Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on March 8, 2013

jeselnik-offensiveI watched The Jeselnik Offensive online and wrote most of this post like 3 weeks ago, then forgot to post it. And it’s been so long that the episode’s not even online anymore. Also, despite liking it, I keep forgetting to watch it, so I haven’t seen subsequent episodes. Oops. Anyway, it follows basically the same format as The Burn with Jeffrey Ross: monologue, pre-taped bits, panel with other comedians*. But while I hated the earlier show, this one was pretty good. First, because Anthony Jeselnik’s weird delivery makes it work a little better than it should. And second, because it lives up to it’s title. “Is cancer funny? I don’t know, I’m not a doctor.”

* – He also plugged guest/his girlfriend Amy Schumer having an upcoming Comedy Central show, so I get the feeling it too will follow the same format, and CC will keep doing these with comedians since they’re probably pretty cheap to put on.


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