Pointless Nonsense

Posted in comics by Bill on February 16, 2013

New and old comics, roughly best-to-worst (and I’ve stopped bothering with the ones I outright dislike, just because I don’t care to waste the time on them):

Top Ten is set in a city full of superheroes and follows the police force there. Sort of similar territory as Powers, except there really aren’t normal people. And it has a much lighter feel. I’d tried it before and bailed on it, but I think now that I’m more well versed in superhero lore, I was able to follow the references and whatnot and enjoy it quite a bit more. It’s not League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-level reference heavy, but it’s full of comic book in-jokes that I would have missed before. top-ten
Books of Doom is sort of an autobiography of Victor Von Doom, who I’ve rarely read anything about. For the longest time, I’ve hated his name, but I’ve come to appreciate the way he straddles the line between Darth Vader type evil badass and ridiculous cartoon-villain who uses phrases like “curse you, Richards!” and “who dares insult Doom?!” Anyway, Books of Doom was more on the Darth Vader evil badass side of things, and it was a very good read. books-of-doom
Arkham Asylum: Living Hell is somehow an mid-2000s comic set in Gotham that’s fairly highly regarded that I’d never read. It focuses on a rich guy who gets caught scamming investors (which would seem more at home in a 2009-present comic) and pleads insanity, only to find out his sentence will be carried out in Gotham’s nut house rather than a less-terrifying one. Not the greatest thing I’ve ever read, but it’s solid. aa-living-hell
Fearless Defenders is a new Marvel Now series that teams up Valkyrie and Misty Knight. It’s pretty well-written, but the art is not my cup of tea. Lots of porny shots of Misty’s ass and stuff. I’ll follow it and hope the artist changes soon. fearless-defenders
Snapshot is a new creator-owned series from Andy Diggle/Jock (Green Arrow: Year One and The Losers) about a comic book shop employee who finds a phone in the park which has photos of an apparent murder. Which you’d think would lead to the usual pursuit by the killer and stuff, but it takes a different twist. The first issue leaves off before you really figure out where things are going, but it’s intriguing enough. snapshot

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