Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on February 4, 2013

zero-hourZero Hour is an upcoming ABC series (pilot available on Hulu) whose commercials made it look like a potentially great or terrible series. The advertising featured clock gears and implied conspiracies and global adventure and stuff. They halfway lost me in the first few minutes with a special religious order protecting an important relic from Nazis, which is one of the more generic ideas for one of these kinds of things. They halfway won me back with the appearance of that really hot girl who played the young actress on Californication a few seasons back (the American one, not the British nanny). Anthony Edwards runs a skeptic magazine and his wife runs a clock shop. She buys an antique clock at random, and it happens to contain ancient mysteries, so an evil master criminal guy kidnaps her. But Anthony Edwards still has the clock, so he and the crazy hot girl and this other guy who also used to be on Californication and also kinda hot this girl set off on an adventure to find her and save the world from the end times or something. The religious element kinda bugs me, what with the prophecies and everything, and it just kinda wants to be The Da Vinci Code, which is not something I think it’s successful at, nor do I think that’s something to aspire to. Also, the pilot ends with a really dumb plot twist.


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