Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on February 4, 2013

americansThe Americans is the new FX show (pilot on Hulu but they probably won’t carry the whole season) about Soviet spies posing as a suburban family, with Keri Russell as the mom. Because the premise was somewhat similar to the comic series Pigs, about a Soviet sleeper cell trained to pose as Americans that was still active in Cuba to this day, it had never occurred to me that The Americans would be set in the past. But it’s set at the beginning of the Reagan administration. Fortunately, they don’t play the usual game of throwing the time stuff in your face. Fashion and cars and things are different, but it’s for atmosphere, not a constant in-your-face “hey, this is the 80s!” thing. The pilot is quite good, but largely on the strength of a really exciting first ten minutes (ruined only by the fact that in the sexy parts, Keri Russell is wearing a terrible blonde wig). The rest of it delves into American suburbia and draws comparisons between the spy game and a marriage that bode poorly for my enjoyment of the series going forward. Because I’m a terribly self-centered person, and themes that don’t apply to me at all are boring.


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