Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on January 23, 2013

followingThe Following is the Kevin Bacon serial killer pursuit show that Fox has been promoting non-stop for weeks, and it’s pretty good. The basic idea is a very smart one for TV, a serial killer gets an army of followers, so Kevin Bacon can catch a serial killer every week while still keeping the big villain in the picture all the time. The cast is pretty solid, with James Purefoy as the killer, Iceman (X-Men, not Top Gun) as a younger FBI profiler, Natalie Zea who’s basically in every TV series, and Maggie Grace putting to use her ability to play young by appearing in the present and in flashbacks. I don’t totally love Kevin Bacon’s partner (I can’t help but think of that Austin Powers scene with regards to her mole). But that’s really my only complaint.


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