Pointless Nonsense

Posted in comics by Bill on January 19, 2013

Comics, new and not new, roughly best-to-worst:

52 was the big DC Comics event of 2006-07, an ambitious 52 issue weekly comic that filled in a year-long gap after all their titles jumped ahead a year. I skipped it at the time, and hadn’t gone back despite generally positive reaction, just because my DC knowledge was so Batman-specific, that I might get lost. But years of reading has exposed me to enough that I finally gave it a shot. And I was generally very impressed. There were 7 main storylines, Three of which I really enjoyed (the Elongated Man, Question, and Luthor ones), three which were ok (Black Adam, the creator of the Metal Men, and Booster Gold), and only one I really didn’t like (Starfire, Animal Man, and Adam Strange lost in space). And really the Booster Gold one I had been enjoying a lot, it just fell apart at the end where it became (spoiler alert!) about the multiverse and the universe-eating monster that turned 52 identical earths into 52 totally different ones. 52
Doctor Strange: Season One was part of the run of Marvel Season One OGN’s they ran a while back, and I’d skipped it but decided to go back since I heard it was good. And it really was. Pointless, but a nice little story about his early days and discovery of magic and developing a friendship with Wong. doctorstrange-seasonone
Savage Wolverine is a new Wolverine series written and drawn by Frank Cho, who’s basically known for his cheesecake art. So it’s not surprising that this Savage Land story is going to focus a lot on Shanna and that she doesn’t wear much clothing. But beyond that it’s not half bad. savage-wolverine
Todd, the Ugliest Kid on Earth is a new Image series about a kid so ugly he wears a paper bag over his head all the time. People are horrified at his appearance even with the bag on, he’s a constant target for bullying, but he still maintains a sunny outlook on life and he’s unfailingly kind to everyone. Everything about the comic seems like it should be funny, but it really isn’t, which surprised me. Or if there were jokes, I missed them. I’m so convinced it should have been funny that I actually intend to read the second issue just to see if there are jokes there. But it’s more out of morbid curiosity than because I particularly enjoyed it. todd-ugliest-kid-on-earth
Repossessed is a new Image series with a clever concept/title combination, presenting a profession that works somewhere between repo man and exorcist. But past the clever concept/title combination, I didn’t find it enjoyable at all. repossessed-1

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