Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on January 17, 2013

Do No Harm - Season PilotDo No Harm is an upcoming NBC series with its pilot on Hulu about a guy with multiple personalities. Well, just the two. During the day (it’s on a fixed schedule, 8:25am to 8:25pm), he’s a nice guy doctor, and at night he’s a fun guy who loves doing blow and going to network-tv-safe parties with tasteful sideboob and girls kissing each other that I think we’re supposed to see as a coke-fueled orgy. Nice guy doctor had figured out a drug to suppress the fun guy, and used it for years, but he built up an immunity, and in the pilot, the fun guy is pissed at not being let out, and now he’s going to ruin nice guy doctor’s life.

The premise is vaguely interesting, but anyone who’s familiar with werewolf stories should be wondering why he doesn’t build a soundproof room with time-release locks to trap the other guy in every night. But I guess he can’t come up with a foolproof solution or the series is boring.

It reminds me of The Mob Doctor, not just because it’s about a doctor with a secret, but also because it’s an attempt to mix a medical drama with other stuff. They have really generic cases in the pilot episode (one abused wife, one unusual condition) to do the hospital show stuff running alongside all the craziness of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde premise.

A lot of the supporting cast is solid. Phylicia Rashad, who is still alive apparently, is the hospital administrator. Samm Levine is the doctor guy’s assistant, and he’s always good. But the main love interest is played by Alana de la Garza, former L&O ADA, and I think she’s wrong for the part. She’s quite attractive, but I always feel like she’s uptight, and her part really calls for someone who’s sweet and kind. And the actual main character is played by Sean Garrity from Rescue Me, and his face just makes me think he’s an idiot. Not his fault, really, other than that he was just so good at playing an idiot.

I plan to watch the second episode, but don’t expect to go past there. The pilot ends on a note that has me curious where they’re going, but they’ll have to hook me right away to keep me going any farther.


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