Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on January 16, 2013

geordiGeordi LaForge changed a ton between the first and second seasons and then hardly at all from there on out. Initially, he’s the helmsman. A recurring theme in the first season is that he’s young, and in over his head, but Picard repeatedly shows faith in him, and Geordi rises to the challenge. In season two, he’s somewhat randomly promoted to chief engineer[0], and any sense of inexperience is completely gone. With one more year experience, he’s suddenly an accomplished veteran who seems completely at ease with his (much more demanding) position on the ship.

Most of the rest of his stories after becoming chief engineer are either Data bromance or failing with women. He has like half a dozen love interests who he screws things up with in new and exciting ways. There was one, Ensign Sonya Gomez, who gets featured in 2 episodes and it seems like they’re setting her up for a whole thing with Geordi, but then she just disappears and is never mentioned again.

Like Data, there are technological issues that 20+ years later seem silly. Geordi’s visor can’t see rainbows, even though we can easily take digital recordings of rainbows now. They also only once had the idea to hook a thing up to his visor to transmit video back to the Enterprise, and its range was horribly limited. I think our soldiers now are often equipped with cameras that stream video back to command, so that they couldn’t figure that out in the 24th century seems ridiculous. Of course, they enjoy mining the drama of something happening to the away team, and the ship has to panic not knowing what happened. If they did have cameras, they’d just have to have some interference caused by [technobabble] so they can’t get a live video feed, so it’s actually probably best that they didn’t introduce cameras.

0. In season one, a guy named Argyle (I assume in reference to Scotty, but this guy isn’t Scottish) is the most often seen of the chief engineers, but there are two others and one assistant chief engineer who make appearances. Apparently, Gene Roddenberry thought a ship that size would not have one guy who you’d go to to fix anything. Which is fine for realism purposes, but it turns out is silly for storytelling. So for season 2 they just made Geordi the fix anything guy.


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