Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on January 12, 2013

krollshowKroll Show is a Nick Kroll Comedy Central series that’ll be starting on the 16th, but they have the first two episodes online here, and I barely made it through the first one. It really wasn’t funny at all. I like Nick Kroll, and quite a few of the other actors who appeared (Ed Helms, the girl who got fired from SNL for saying “fuck”, Rafi from The League, that girl who managed Paul Rudd’s campaign on Parks and Rec, the bald guy from those Sonic commercials). But it was a half hour full of me not laughing at all. Maybe Geebs should give the first episode a shot, though, as there is a two-part Degrassi spoof that may have been funny to someone who watches that show. But I kinda doubt it.


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