Pointless Nonsense

Posted in books by Bill on January 6, 2013

gunmachineI’m a Warren Ellis fanboy to the point that I pre-ordered Gun Machine months in advance. It arrived Saturday and I read it basically non-stop once I opened it. I really enjoyed the hell out of this. This probably means I should read Crooked Little Vein too, but I might save that for summer, since TV’s about to start occupying a lot of my time again.

For the book, I went in completely cold, knowing only that it had something to do with guns (duh). They made a trailer, featuring Wil Wheaton’s voice and Ben Templesmith’s drawings, which I’d avoided but it’s not particularly spoilery, it’s just an excerpt from the 2nd or 3rd chapter that gives the basic gist of the discovery that drives the plot.

Knowing what the book is about now, I’m quite confused by the idea that it’s being optioned for a TV series. While the first few chapters would translate to a great opening for a pilot, the plot of the book doesn’t lend itself to any episodic storytelling at all, so they are going to have a lot to change.

Random aside, I read non-comic books so infrequently, that despite cataloging basically every bit of media I’ve consumed over the last 2.5 years here, this is the first one.


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