Pointless Nonsense

Posted in browser game by Bill on January 6, 2013

demons-vs-fairylandDemons vs. Fairyland is yet another Kingdom Rush ripoff tower defense game, and one I found confusingly short even though it isn’t actually short. The tree of upgrades is enormous, and I think I was only halfway through it when I finished the game. Normally I get obsessive about finishing out all the upgrades, but I was so far away when I completed the last level, I didn’t want to bother.

The actual game is standard tower defense stuff, except it becomes even more restrictive about tower placement. Not only are there only certain areas on the map where you can build, but you have to build a base for each tower type, and you can only place the towers within range of that base. Which is an interesting mechanic in that sometimes you can’t cluster the tower types together like you want (with your infantry to slow down the enemies surrounded by your high damage ranged attacks to pound on them while they’re held up).


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