Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on January 5, 2013

roRo Laren shows up early in season 5, I think intending to replace the mostly departing Wesley Crusher, because she takes up his station at the helm of the Enterprise (after she leaves, there’s a regular with very few lines named Ensign Gates who does most of the piloting). She was a breath of fresh air, as the only character who’d sass and talk back and give Picard any crap. It was a nice departure from the otherwise all good all the time crew.

Also nice, and this was something I didn’t remember, was that in her first appearance she gave her uniform top to a Bajoran refugee kid, and the undershirt she was left with didn’t leave a ton to the imagination.

Anyway, she was I think the first Bajoran introduced on the show, provided to show the evils of the only recently introduced (middle of season 4) Cardassians.

She was in a fair number of 5th season episodes, came back for one episode in season 6, and then appeared in the next to last episode to give her character a resolution. They had her go undercover to infiltrate the Maquis, only to have her quit starfleet and defect.

Interestingly, they wanted to bring her over to DS9, but Michelle Forbes turned it down, not wanting to do a series full time, so they ended up creating Major Kira instead.


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