Pointless Nonsense

Posted in comics by Bill on December 21, 2012

Mostly new comics, roughly best to worst:

Avengers is the new rebooted Marvel NOW branded Avengers series written by Jonathan Hickman, whose work I almost always enjoy, so it’s no surprise that I’m loving this so far. #2 just came out this week, but even in two issues, there hasn’t been a ton of plot (other than a big bad guy doing something big and bad). But still, despite being filled with plenty of jokes and things, it does a really good job of having an epic feel, both with Hickman’s words and Jerome Opena’s art. avengers-1
Blackacre is a new Image series by some people I’ve never heard of before, but it’s got a pretty brilliant concept that’s kind of like a mix of Fallout and Atlas Shrugged… and maybe that comparison doesn’t make it sound that brilliant, bit it really is. It looks to be a dark, political, post-apocalyptic adventure comic that I’m really hoping lives up to its potential. blackacre-1
Mystery Society (or possibly “M?stery Society”) was a short-lived series from Steve Niles, the 30 Days of Night guy, and Fiona Staples, the Saga artist. As I’ve never been much for vampire comics, I’m pretty sure it was Ms. Staples’ involvement that caused me to check it out, and it was a pleasant surprise. It’s about a ragtag group of adventurers uncovering the supernatural secrets that the powers-that-be don’t want the public to know. Which sounds vaguely Planetary-ish, but it’s much more goofy/fun. mystery-society
I Love Trouble is an Image series about a girl who randomly develops teleportation powers. It’s not particularly bad, I just felt no desire to read any further after the first issue. ilovetrouble
Avengers Arena is the blatant ripoff of Battle Royale and The Hunger Games (making the cover a Battle Royale poster homage, even) where Arcade kidnaps a bunch of the teen heroes from around the Marvel universe and forces them to fight to the death. It’s much closer to the Battle Royale premise, in that there’s basically no attempt to explain it all. In Battle Royale it was some text at the beginning saying (paraphrased) “teenagers became unruly and refused to get off of old people’s lawns, so the natural response was to pick high schools at random and force the students to fight to the death,” while here it’s Arcade just saying “this is happening.” Anyway, the book is not good. The Arcade thing doesn’t make much sense, and despite a brief moment or two at the beginning that made it seem like the Avengers Academy kids (the only reason I was reading this) would be written fairly well, that all went to hell in a hurry. aa-1

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