Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on December 19, 2012

1600penn1600 Penn (Hulu) is a new NBC sitcom that aired a “full-length sneak preview” on Monday and has it’s “new episode premiere” on January 10th, a practice that makes absolutely no sense to me. First, it’s not a “sneak preview,” it’s the first episode. Second, why show the first episode on a Monday night before Christmas, then give people three weeks to forget about the show entirely before showing the second episode on a Thursday.

Anyway, the show has some promise but it has problems too. Bill Pullman is the President, and Josh Gad is his son who’s a train wreck/embarrassment in a Chris Farley sort of way. That’s the basic idea. There are some jokes that work, there’s a little (but not much) political commentary, and the cast is pretty good. The big problem for me is the disconnect between Josh Gad and everyone else. They’re all pretty naturalistic, and he’s a cartoon, so they don’t seem like they should inhabit the same world. Yes, the premise relies on conflict between their propriety and him being a disaster-prone idiot, but they’re too disparate. It’s hard to believe he’s related to his father, and even so, it’s hard to believe his President father would let him be so close to the spotlight.


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