Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on December 15, 2012

motorcityMotorcity is a DisneyXD cartoon that started earlier this year, set in future Detroit, with a Brave New World thing going on, what with the fancy and neat but oppressive surface world and the dirty but free Burner community living in the sewers. The animation features very cartoonish characters over very detailed backgrounds without looking goofy, which seems like it’d be hard to pull off.

The story is the same sort of thing all over again, if you’ve seen Equilibrium or Demolition Man or any of the other movies/tv shows/books that use the same concept, and when you set a story in the blackest city in America, it seems pretty lame to have your hero, his sidekick, his potential love interest, and the villain all be white. There’s one black guy who I think is a mechanic, and a black girl who might not even be a regular character. Ah well. The voice cast is solid, though, with Mark Hamill as the bad guy, Kate Micucci as the main girl, and Jim Breuer as a henchman type.


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